Advanced Materials on Lifescience

AMOLIFESCIENCE has been doing its best to supply our products and services that customers need in the fields of bio, diagnostics and healthcare since its establishment in 2016 as a member of AMO Group.
We are striving to enhance the convenience of our customers by developing value-added materials and applications required by the market based on the state-of-the-art nano and new material technologies applied to magnetic nanoparticles (AMO-Mag) and nano membrane (AMO-Fiber) products.
Our members at AMOLIFESCIENCE believe that sweating will clear their souls, and they want to secure original technology through continuous research and development and create a first-class position through continuous improvement.
Also, AMOLIFESCIENCE aims to make employees happy as a good workplace, satisfy customers with excellent products, and contribute to bright and healthy society through corporate activities.

Core Tech

1. AMO-Mag™ beads are core-shell structure by superparamagnetic nanoparticles and silica with uniform size.

2. AMO WebTrix™ library is multiple-functional biomaterials that can be used as building blocks in a variety of life sciences applications such as design of artificial microenvironment including stem cell niche, tissue engineering scaffolds, and modification or coating for cell culture surface
3. AMO Fiber / nano membrane
AMOLIFESCIENCE manufacture nanofiber based on own developed hybrid electro-spinning process using air and electric together. Due to its high physical and chemical stability, it is widely used in various fields such as bio and electronic application.

Organization & Business Area