Advanced Materials on Lifescience

Magnetic bead

AMO-Mag is a functionalized magnetic particle, which is the optimum product to upgrade the results of research & diagnosis. AMO-Mag® products are useful for cell isolation and immunoassay, and our customers are using AMO-mag for RNA extraction for COVID 19 diagnosis at this time.

Cell Culture

The Cell Culture Division utilizes nanotechnology and biomimetic technology to realize ‘in vivo’-like cell culture microenvironment of the human body, and thereby AMO WebTrixTM products promote the in vitro culture of stem cells and immune cells for therapeutic purposes.

Healthcare & Beauty

We provide a one-stop solution from development, production to certification of customizing devices through the fusion of new materials and IT technology. It can be implemented for health and beauty care, in various form factors such as cosmetics, handheld & wearable device and smart textile.

Biological membrane

AMOLIFESCIENCE manufacture nanofiber based on own developed hybrid electro-spinning process. AMO nanofiber is widely used in a variety of applications, including wound pressing, biosensors and function patches, tissue engineering, cosmetic mask packs, drug delivery, and cell culture support.